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Crosslight 2.0 Update 4 is Here!

Crosslight 2.0 Update 4 has arrived with tons of new features! New syncing services with push notifications, major improvements for iOS, stability improvements to Enterprise App Framework, and more. iOS now supports even more buttery-smooth scrolling, automatic dynamic cell height support, automatic aspect ratio calculation in thumbnail, automatic selection persistence in navigation drawer, and more. Check out the full release notes here.

In addition to hotfixes, we’re now updating the Mobile Studio installers for both Mac and Windows on every release (instead of just service pack or major release). With all our deployment processes automatically taken care, we want to make sure you get the latest product bits on every available channel, whether it’s from the update manager, access from your account, or through the trial download site. Furthermore, the new installers now clearly show the version of the Crosslight build to increase visibility of new installer builds.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.26.37 AM-1


If you haven’t downloaded the latest installer, grab it now here! This upgrade is free for all customers with existing subscription.
Nicholas Lie

Video Tutorial: Getting Started with Crosslight Samples

We have just released two new video tutorials to help you get started with Crosslight samples. The first video is to help you get started with the offline and simpler samples, using predefined folders that comes with every installation of Mobile Studio, while the latter video is to help you configure the more advanced samples which utilizes the WebAPI feature. The second video is particularly useful, since there are some configurations that need to be ensured when using WebAPI on IISExpress. We have also updated the samples repository page to help you identify which samples need to use the WebAPI feature.

Getting Started with Crosslight Samples:

Configuring WebAPI-enabled Crosslight Samples:

Visit the Developer Center for a comprehensive documentation on Crosslight. If you have any questions, feel free to post it in our community forum, or drop us a mail.

Webinar: Building Gorgeous Mobile Apps with Advanced Crosslight UI and Services

We’re very happy to introduce the release of our flagship development toolset for Silverlight and WPF, ClientUI 10. ClientUI 10 has now equipped with powerful enterprise reporting services that allows you to author any kind of reports quickly and easily. What’s also great about the enterprise reporting services is also that the reports are completely viewable in Crosslight applications.

Not only that, push notification services introduced in Crosslight 2 takes away developers’ pain of having to tediously configure the necessary configurations to allow push notifications on their apps. Crosslight 2 has streamlined this process into a single unified entry point, starting from registering the device token to the platform service, receiving the device token back and saving them to the WebAPI database, and much more.

The social networking services also allows developers to perform various social network operations such as authenticating with social networks, getting the user profile info, getting list of friends, sharing content, and much more. What’s great about the social networking services, is that services are completely UI-agnostic. You can design any kind of views to use with our social network services and have them in your application, just the way you want it to be.

Watch as Nicholas introduces you to the integrated enterprise reporting services, how to view the reports on Crosslight apps, push notification services for Crosslight and how to send them across multiple devices. Last but not least, the social network services that allows you to perform various Facebook authentication completely with custom UI.

You can also find the recordings to the first and second day of the webinar, in case you’ve missed them. Also, visit our Developer Center to learn more about Crosslight. It contains hundreds of documentation topics, illustrations, walkthroughs, video tutorials, and more. If you have any questions regarding Crosslight, feel free to open up a new thread at Crosslight community forum.

Nicholas Lie

Webinar: Building Data-Aware Apps with Crosslight Enterprise Framework

Building enterprise apps will almost certainly involves data access. Crosslight aims to be the holistic solution you need to build enterprise mobile apps quickly and easily. Therefore, in this release, Crosslight 2 ships with powerful data access that supports the latest Microsoft techonlogies such as WebAPI 2 and MVC 5. To accelerate your development even further, Crosslight 2 took the extra step of creating entity designer extensions for VIsual Studio 2012 and 2013.  The entity designer extensions allow you to create reusable entity models, entity context, entity controllers, and entity services.

Watch as our Chief Technology Officer, Andry Handoko Soesilo, introduces you to the plethora of data access services such as using the entity designer extensions, explaining the concepts of data synchronization and RESTClient for streamlined data retrieval, creating a simple mobile CRM app complete with incremental loading and pull to refresh, and much more.

Also, visit our Developer Center to learn more about Crosslight. It contains hundreds of documentation topics, illustrations, walkthroughs, video tutorials, and more. If you have any questions regarding Crosslight, feel free to open up a new thread at Crosslight community forum.

Nicholas Lie

Webinar: Crosslight 2 Highlights

Crosslight 1 marks a great start for developers jumping into cross-platform mobile development. Built solid grounds, the MVVM pattern, Crosslight paves the way for extensible, maintainable, scalable, testable, and making your code highly reusable to use on four platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Crosslight 2 introduces an even more comprehensive additions to the powerful toolset to easily create enterprise mobile apps in just a very short time. This includes versatile data access services, beautiful UI components such as the navigation drawer, advanced master detail view, two new templates: business app template and the navigation drawer template. Watch the webinar recording to see how you can leverage Crosslight 2 and take advantage of its powerful features and start developing your own mobile apps today.

Also, visit our Developer Center to learn more about Crosslight. It contains hundreds of documentation topics, illustrations, walkthroughs, video tutorials, and more. If you have any questions regarding Crosslight, feel free to open up a new thread at Crosslight community forum.

Nicholas Lie

Webinar: Building native cross-platform enterprise apps with Crosslight 2

Crosslight 2 introduces new powerful enterprise application framework which includes everything you need to build data-driven apps fast, from remote data retrieval, generating domain models that is shareable in both client and server and much more. Built on top or rock-solid MVVM pattern, Crosslight advanced mobile services cover a wide range of enterprise business scenarios, such as sending push notifications, perform UI-agnostic social network operations, loading data and image asynchronously, and much more. Better yet, Crosslight comes with full Visual Studio integration support and you can build powerful connected apps without leaving your favorite IDE.

Join us for a 3-days webinar starting from 10th – 12th June 2014 to learn how Crosslight 2 empowers you to build gorgeous apps with advanced Crosslight UI and services across four platforms in dramatically less time with less effort. Click here to register your seat today. Find out more about Crosslight here:

Martin Lie

Announcing the New Community and ClientUI Website

The Intersoft 2014 release delivers not only a great deal of tools, but also a multitude of new range and improved services dedicated to all our customers. You can read about our 2014 release highlight and introduction of our new Developer Center and Git Center here.

In this blog post, I want to share several important services that we have launched together with the 2014 release. This includes the revamped community portal, now with ability to submit product feedback and report bugs which I’m sure you’ll find them really useful. In addition, we have also launched a brand-new, completely redesigned ClientUI website.

Improvements to Intersoft Community

We are proud to bring you the new face of our community portal. You will see cleaner and more elegant user interface design based on the Intersoft’s user experiences which results to more intuitive navigation and easier access to most important functions like search, starting a new thread, and more.

When you visit the community home, you will now see the new design such as seen below.

Community Home

The text editing experience has also been significantly improved. It now sports a modern interface for the text editor with improved performance. Furthermore, the file upload component integrated to the editor has been significantly improved in this release. You can now upload files in the background asynchronously with no more file corruption. The file upload component has also supported the latest Safari for Windows and Mac as well as IE 11 which use special multipart specifications.

Modern TextEditor

Introducing New Product Feedback

One of the major improvements that our web team have been working with in the past months is the ability to let our customers easily submit product feedback and bug report. We put user experiences at our top most priority and concern. We definitely do not want our customers to re-login to a different site just to submit feedback or report bugs – unlike many other vendors which simply rolling out a separate site with disjointed experiences.

That said, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of our new product feedback system – built right into the heart of our community experience.

In addition to questions or discussion, you can now post product feedback including Feature Request or Bug Submission – all from the community site. You can quickly start from creating new discussion through the button such as shown below, then choose the thread type. It’s so simple and easy.

Create New Discussion
Alternatively, you can also easily find the product feedback option in the thread list or thread detail page through the Create New drop down.

See the following screenshot.

Create New Discussion
Once you arrived to the product feedback page, you can choose the feedback type, whether it is a bug submission or a feature request. You will also see a specialized form dedicated for this new product feedback type, such as the development environment information, operating system, product builds, and more.

The text editor will also automatically transform into multiple-section editor where you can conveniently fill in the steps to reproduce, description, and more – all in a beautiful text editor interface.

New Product Feedback
Another interesting feature we added is “Like this”. You can put “Like” on the thread which you think provide helpful solution for your problems. This will help us analyzing and evaluating the product feedback you submitted. Ultimately, we hope that you enjoy many of these new improvements which give you greater experience to work with us and the Intersoft’s community.

Like this

ClientUI Website Redesigned with Authentic Intersoft Experiences

As if it weren’t enough, this release also includes a major redesign to our ClientUI website to celebrate the 10th major release of our Silverlight and WPF product lineup.

You can now browse and discover all ClientUI controls with simple, clean and elegant look and feel. Consistent with Intersoft’s authentic experiences, you can now easily navigate to different part of the sites thanks to the smooth floating toolbar. The translucent design lets you focus better on content and brings you a more comfortable way to interact with the website such as searching information, accessing to the download or buy button, and so on.

Smmothing Floating Toolbar

The major redesign of the ClientUI website includes full support for Retina display with true HD quality. You can view all images in any Retina or HD devices without compromised image quality or distortion. Featured Showcase and navigation controls have been totally revamped to show all rich features that you will be interested to see.

Featured Showcase

We also revamped our navigation for all controls. The new navigation is placed at the top, no longer at the left side. With this design, you can learn quickly discover the key features available in each component. To experience it directly yourself, please visit the new ClientUI website here.

Enhanced Control Feature Overview

Last but not least, we hope you enjoyed all these new, exciting improvements. We are striving to create the world’s best products with the most excellent services and support. Again, thank you for your feedback and continuous support so far!