Special Reward for the Special One

As Jimmy’s latest blog about the grand launch of Sirius 2 showcase, I am here for the fun stuff that you all are waiting for. Along with the release of Sirius 2 showcase, we will pick the best comment of the month until December 2008. And the reward is 1 Free License of WebUI Studio.NET 2008 R2 Full Subscription.

Simply drop your comment by clicking the “Have your say” icon to open the comment window after exploring the magnificent Sirius 2 showcase and tell us how you feel. We will announce the winner every month on the Sirius 2 showcase as well as our monthly newsletter and make sure you check it out often. Winner will also be contacted by our Sales staff personally, so it’s important that you type in the correct name and email.

Last, but not least, happy exploring guy. I believe Sirius 2 is the future of Web UI that all of us have been waiting. Just drop your comment if you need more information or you can email me directly, haryono@intersoftpt.com.

2 thoughts on “Special Reward for the Special One

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