Introducing Intersoft’s New Start Page

Several weeks ago we got feedback from our customers about how difficult it is to look for product information in our ever-growing website. Starting from there, we came up with a new portal page that packs in all kinds of essential information and latest product resources. You can check out the new portal page here, and see the snapshot below.

Our design team tries to push forward by combining Metro-style grid panel with subtle gradients and cast shadow which bring up an elegant panel interface with a sense of depth. The big carousel is used to display the content highlight including new controls, live sample, overview video, flagship controls, and case studies.

Below the carousel you can see two panels to learn more about WebUI Studio controls and download our product catalog. Right beside the two panels you can find the control list. Just click the icon or the “see all” link to reveal the complete controls list (see picture below).

Now you can easily browse through the available controls with the intuitive capsule tab navigation where controls are grouped based on their platform. We also provide a search box that allows you to perform a quick search for a particular control. Clicking on a control will reveal its detail information in a new tab. Feel free to download our comprehensive product catalog to learn more about WebUI Studio product portfolios.

Down on the video panel you can watch the overview videos of our cutting-edge controls. Right next to it you can explore the case studies that show how WebUI Studio can be used to cut through various development cycle. The Learning Resources panel compiles different resources to help those who need more information about using WebUI Studio controls.

One of our key design goals is to create experiences that allow users to easily overview the essential product information while keeping the design really minimal yet elegant. We came up with a bottom section separated with a depth-looking panel where you can quickly find the links to buy and renew the product, review the complete price list, and compare the different edition of the WebUI Studio. Our contact information is also presented on the bottom right corner so the prospective customer can always get back to us.

So what do you think of the new portal page? Feel free to leave any suggestion or feedback on the comment section.

Bram Renaldy
Web & UI Designer


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